Teknofibra® is a registered trademark. This trademark encompasses all products manufactured and marketed for heat protection, specifically radiant heat and contact with incandescent parts.

Teknofibra® is the ideal suitable material for Automotive, Airplane, Chemical, Industries, Buildings, Motorsport.

Possible applications:

  • Insulation of fuel system in warm areas.
  • Insulation of exhaust system.
  • Insulation of carbon fiber parts.
  • Insulation of braking system.
  • Insulation of cable in warm areas.
  • Realization of heat shields near manifolds, turbo, exhaust pipes.
  • Insulating firewall.
  • Realization of cold or hot compartments.
  • Insulation of airbox.
  • Sound absorbing or dissipative coverings.
  • Turbo covers – with an air gap.
  • Protection of electronics close to engines.
  • Thermal protection of batteries and control units.
  • Coverings for medium temperature parts (oil filters, tanks etc...).
  • Teknofibra® used wherever extreme heat is a problem.

Special non-woven fabric

The essence of the production is a special non-woven fabric with unique characteristics manufactured from organic fibre – hence the name Teknofibra®.

The fabric has a very low λ Lambda value at ambient temperatures unlike conventional mineral wool insulations and remains low through medium to high temperatures.

The performance of Teknofibra®, when correctly used, is second to no other manufacturer’s products. It is used by many prestigious car and motorcycle teams & brands.

Main advantages

  • Teknofibra® is totally non-toxic and physiologically safe.
  • Teknofibra® will . not burn.
  • Teknofibra® does not produce toxic or harmful emissions in the event of fire.
  • Teknofibra® has Excellent acoustic performance (sound absorbing).
  • Teknofibra® is a very light material


The Teknofibra® surface is either polished or treated aluminium. It is particularly reflective, has low emissive qualities and is of an appropriate thickness for use.

Most Teknofibra® products are self adhesive and easy to shape/use/apply. The glue is self extinguishing and does not crystallize at high temperature ensuring adhesion to over 250° C.

This glue meets Aviation certification standards.

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